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Juried show "Perseverance"  show by the            amazing encaustic artist "Elise Wagner" in Portland, Oregon.  Well worth a visit to her site and/or studio. 

2016     Encaustic juried show, SF Museum


2015     Pop Up,   B2 Gallery, Tacoma WA

2014       Group show "Cats",  Vashon Allied Arts

2014      Commissioned artist for Vashon Allied Arts 



2013       Vashon, Vashion Allied Arts Auction 



2013       Garden Show, Vashon Vashon Allied Arts WA

                One of two artists    


                Images used for all the 

                 marketing and advertising of show.

2013       Minature Show,  Vashon Allied Arts  WA

2012       Journey    Group show,  Vashon Allied Arts               

                Minature Show  Vashon Allied Arts, Vashon, WA



2011       Quartermaster Press  group show, Vashon WA


2010     Quartermaster Press  group show, Vashon, WA

1990     Invited artist for a portfolio           by

              Women in  Photography, California,

              presented to the  artist  Joyce Tennison

1990     The Nude , group show, Sillver Image Gallery

               Seattle, WA


             Solo Show   Virgina Inn, Seattle, WA 

Seize the imagination, create art 




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