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One reason for my photographing nature, I'm drawn in by the complex patterns.  I see one level of design to start, and then something happens inside and my imagination just takes off.  There is a thrill, excitement, and butterflies in my stomach, telling me there is something here, it speaks to me.   Depending on what mood I'm in there may be a dark side or a more mellow side.  When my imagination explodes and becomes overwhelmed with ideas, this is when I force myself to slow down and see the simplicity that is there within the complexity of nature. This is what I love exploring.  Everything in nature is a map invented by nature, we can be on that boat and go in any direction we wish.


This is continued with the lines, and marks I place on the image.  Marks have been made by humankind since the beginning of time.  We can still see where humans were thousands of years ago, moving from one season to the next.  Marking rocks, walls, and the land, with their stories, our history.  Again a simplicity that is very complex in and around nature.  


Over the years I expanded these images with rusted metal for an added dimension.  This takes an incredible amount of time, some metals were outside for a year to let nature have a real chance to play.  I love the textures that came from these results, leaves, bugs, bits, and more bits landed on top and aged along the way.  Nothing like collaborating with Mother Nature. 


Then as I continued my journey I fell in love with encaustic an amazing medium created from beeswax and pine resin going back thousands of years.

You can read the history of encaustic by clicking on "Portfolios" above.  I incorporate it over the photographs and with abstract painting.  


Seize the imagination, create art 




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